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BulaVita Organic Health & Wellness 


Our Ideal Customer

My ideal customer is someone whose health is a priority. They want to lose weight, detox, eliminate stress, pain, insomnia, etc. They are interested in holistic, organic products to live strong and long.

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Who is Bulavita?

Bula is the universal greeting life, good health, and great success!

Better health? Improved finances? A supportive community committed to helping you achieve your goals? At Bulavita, we provide all this and more.

Our products help families create the foundation for long lasting Core Health. Our programs provide the support to transform lives. And our business plan creates an accelerated path to financial security.

What would it take to own your life?

Here are a few things that make us unique

  • One of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet

  • $20 million dollars worth of clinical research on Muscadine Grapes*

  • $850 million dollars of prepared product, ready to bottle**

  • Vertically integrated process, quality controlled from vineyard to bottle

  • USA grown, harvested, and produced

  • The secret to fatloss with thousands lives transformed

  • A unique Plan to a Grand for every independent Ambassador***

  • An experienced and successful team of experts

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