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Text Deck

HandWritten Deck by Reverend Amalia only with 200 plus cards with real life sayings on them. 

. A HR video link to learn about each saying on card(s) as well as learn how to use the deck properly. 

Everyone loves the text deck 😁💞


This Text deck is a tool of self-reflection to add to your magical and spiritual practice of learning, or just to use for fun. This text deck is like an older cousin to oracle cards. Reverend Mother Amalia has handwritten your cards as well as set the intention for the activation to occur exclusively for YOU with just your name alone. 


Once you've purchased your deck.. You will receive an email the same day with a link to start learning the meaning(s) behind each card. You can start right away so by the time your hand written cards come in (3-5 business days) you can get started becoming the best version of yourself in an authentic way. 


Never let anyone touch your text deck however you are more than welcome to pull cards for anyone who needs it (with their permission of course).


I love you. Enjoy 💞

Reverend Amalia 

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