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Have a burning question(s) that you NEED an answer to ASAP? Need Advice? Someone to Vent to? This is the option for you. This session is perfect if you have multiple questions and want the in depth answers! Questions can be about anything!
Love, career, finance, family/home life, etc.
All emergency talk time is received the same day after payment is received!   You will receive a text message on times available for your selective choice. You must book before 8pm EST for Same day service. Talk Time is highly effective. 
You can book for your pre-teen and/or teenage child as well. 
Let's come up with the solution together, Book today. 
~English language only  
~ We will call you at the scheduled time. If you do not answer when we call then you have opted out of that day's talk time. There are no refunds nor changing times further down the road. You would have to book another Talk Time session. Time is Money and our Staff is extremely busy. Please be available the time options you've chosen. 


PriceFrom $22.22
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