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 "Fit In 15 Minutes: Guide to getting lean for busy Women" – the ultimate weight loss program tailored specifically for busy individuals. Designed to optimize results in a limited time frame, this 4-week program is a game-changer for Women seeking to achieve a lean physique. 


Our comprehensive fitness program provides a structured and efficient approach to fitness, maximizing results in just 15 minutes a day. 


This program is perfect for busy Women who juggle demanding schedules and are committed to their health and fitness goals.


💡What’s inside:

● The Importance Of Fitness For Busy Women
● Ingredients For You To Start Feeling Your Best
● Goal setting: What Is Your Why?
● Mindful Mindset Techniques
● Nutrition: The Basics
● Energy Balance & Your Body
● Calculating Your Calorie Needs
● Calculating Your Macro Needs
● Food Suggestion Cheat Sheet
● Meal Planning Tips For Busy Women
● 6 Healthy Recipes (3 Breakfast/Snacks + 3 Main Meals)
● Understanding The 15-Minute Workout
● Warm-Up Exercises & Stretching
● 4 Week Home-Based Workouts With Illustrations
● Prioritising Your Recovery 



Fit in 15min 4-Week Weight Loss Program For Women

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