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The Manifestation Set is designed to activate anything your heart desires. Comes with Instructions 


PriceFrom $77.77
  • This Manifestation tool will save the day. 

    This tool is use to PREVENT generational curses, protect your family from future spells/hexes/curses, and just protect you and your family from any physical and/or spiritual attacks. People are just evil in this world unfortunately ;.-( 

    Keep your armour on ! We don't fight in the flesh we fight in the spirit. Protect your self!! Protect your Family!! 


    Reiki'd by Reverend Mother Amalia.  Thank God and Reverend Mother Amalia out loud.

    Open up.. Place tools in bag.. Wear on your person and or pocketbook.  Poof! You are always Protected!! 


    Glory to God!!!!

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