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Virtual online Tarot, Oracle, Card Course with Reverend Mother Amalia. 

So you can do readings for yourself, relatives, friends and even professionally. 



On Video chat (zoom, duo, and/or fb messenger)

5 day course 

1.5 hour session 


Total cost 



44444 repeatedly throughout your life, then it is an auspicious sign for you. Your Angels are sending an important message to you so that you can live your dreams.. 

That's only $88.88 a day. 


When you see angel number 8888, it means that your guardian angels are trying to bring you good fortune. In this number, you're getting a positive energy you need to make a change in your life. ... The angel number 8888 is a reminder to let go of your fears and open yourself up to new opportunities.


Cards needed: 


Rider-Waite Tarot 


(Optional) but preferred !  ( at least 1 out of these 3) 

Text Deck 

Theme Deck 

Truth Oracle 


Some people are turning to tarot to help support their mental health and self care.  Find meaning in your life circumstances, and identify solutions. Heal yourself and others. Become a Beast in Reading/ helping others. 

The Reverend Mother Way !!


After you Complete this 7.5 hour session you will receive a 

Certificate at the end of your Training and soar in his game.

Love you ! 

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