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Cozi Kenzi candle co 

My name is Lindsay also known as Queen Dot. Cozi Kenzi Candle Co. was created as a result of over coming a tremendous lost. I was diagnosed with PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in my early 20’s. In my early 30’s I experienced life’s trials and tribulations that only prayer and meditation could see me through. I became more knowledgeable of my spiritual journey. With that I learned the importance and meanings of different colored candles and crystals!

Before I knew it I had beat PCOS 12/31/2020 I got my Positive pregnancy test!! Excitement for my family was an understatement. We spoke a girl into existence and her name would of been Mackenzie Kyomi Myers! 

Unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage early on. My fiancé and I was devastated but determined to trust God! My alter was my only fav place! For over a month it seemed finding candles especially any colored candles was a challenge! Candle shopping for me was very sentimental so it wasn’t as simple as ordering online! 

So fed up with going store to store. I yelled in frustration to my fiancé “IM GOING TO MAKE MY OWN CANDLES”! 

Little did I know just how much peace joy and happiness creating candles would be! Each candle is created with love and intention! Each candle is made with meaning and substance! Every candle/crystal combination I wish I could walk into any store and purchased will be created right here in my kitchen! I was annoyed with retail and ready to go head on with this new project! Through prayer and meditation everyday my vision became bigger. And once I got started doors flew open and so many people, love ones and associates wanted to buy these candles! 

At this point I was all in full tank of gas on GO! 

I had the vision I had the supply I had the clientele but I didn’t even have a name! 

So as a over thinker I racked my brain for days! All I knew was my journey was the reason for this business blessing! So why not name it after my baby!?

My ultimate goal with Cozi Kenzi is not only to help other woman battling PCOS on a spiritual level but to also be able to help battle any and everything in life through spirituality. 

Cozi Kenzi Candles  are all infused with specific crystals. We also offer customized candles for specific color size and crystal!! 

All we need to know is WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTION? 

Prayer and meditation will ALWAYS bring you answers! 

Cozi Kenzi Candle Co. is designed to normalize Manifestation!


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